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Move or improve 2023?

Updated: Jul 12

The world seems to be ever changing, after a couple of years of pandemic, volatile financial markets and even war in Europe we all have a different set of financial values. The property market seems to be back to a more subdued pre-covid level of activity. The cost of living is higher and interest rates have seen a substantial increase for the first time in many years.

With mortgage rates being so high this explains the benefits of moving or improving your home in 2023

Planning a house move in 2023

Many estate agents and Right Move are forecasting the UK property market to have static growth or a price decrease of up to 2% in some areas. Also, we hear that properties are likely to stay on the market for longer, with a potential average of up to 60 days prior to being sale agreed. Standing out from the crowd to attract buyers has never been so important, first impressions count. Take a brutally honest look at your home, are you giving the best first impression. A simple browse on Right Move can be quite enlightening, properties that look neglected or poorly maintained take longer to sell and often suffer price reductions prior to a sale being agreed.

Getting a house ready to sell - check list


Let buyers focus on the house, not personal items. Boxes on top of wardrobes send a message that you lack space. Counter tops should be free of everything except essential items. Living spaces should be free of magazines, toys and laptops etc. Hallways should be free of boots, coats umbrellas and should give a simple welcome to a home. Bathrooms free of copious amounts of cosmetics, keep it simple. Less is more, remove unwanted or broken furniture, try and create space where possible.


If needed get the paint brush out. We don't all have the same tastes so keep colours neutral, avoid cold colours such as blue's.

A home renovation expert and interior designer in Cornwall explaining the benefits of interior decoring and colours

Bathroom grout and silicone, if needed clean or replace. Research has shown that good interior presentation not only adds value to property but helps buyers decide quickly. If you need to find a decorator use this guide (click here) with tips for choosing good local painters and decorators.

Add some life

In the process of decluttering sometimes we can be left with a sterile and somewhat sanitised space, try adding some potted house plants to turn the property into a welcoming home.

Kerb appeal

The first photo of your property online is usually the exterior, if this photo isn't the best your property can look then buyers may just skip your listing and move onto the next house in their search results.

A guide to maximising the value and kerb appeal of your home by simply decorating the exterior

Make sure the driveway is clean and weed free, gardens tidy and lawns mowed. Exterior décor, are the windows clean, window frames and doors in good order or in need of some TLC. If your house is rendered or pebbledash does it need painting or algae removed, see this guide (click here) which may help.

Top home improvements for 2023

Delaying a house move gives some breathing space to improve your home are and add value for a sale at a later date. Here are some of the most popular home improvements which not only add value but create nicer living spaces for modern day living.

Velux skylight windows

An interior deigner in Cornwall explaining the benefits of natural light from Velux windows

Natural light is good for our wellbeing, creating a sense of calm and above all the feeling of space. This simple addition can transform simple rooms into desirable interiors.

Replacing a conservatory roof

For many homes with conservatories their usage can often be limited to temperate days when it is not too hot or cold.

A picture showing the benefits of replacing a conservatory roof

Replacing a conservatory roof brings a whole host of benefits, the immediate and most noticeable difference is energy efficiency, the roof insulation will retain heat throughout the colder months making this space more useable. Feeling less like a conservatory but more like an additional room integrated within the house. Whilst this is a higher budget improvement, the additional useable floor space will yield a greater return on sale than the budget invested.

Interior décor and feature walls

Spaces change with colour, how we use a space, how we want a room to make us feel can all be related to colours and textures.

A picture showing a decorators inspired feature wall

Grey colours remain ever popular, however, key interior designers are now seeing more warm neutral colours requested and implemented. Feature walls have seen a sharp rise in trend popularity and some feature wall ideas can be found by clicking here.

Whether you more or improve in 2023 we hope this article has been of help. For more home improvement tips and advice click here.


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