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Useful Pro Tips To Study Before Painting & Decorating A Rental Property

a decorators pro tips guide explaining what to do before decorating a rental property

Every rental property is a key asset for any landlord or home owner. Whether you're a portfolio landlord, block management agent, second home owner or accidental landlord the interior décor and condition can not only add value to your asset but also leverage a more healthy rental income.

The Significance Of Redecorating Rental Properties

First impressions count, whether the first impression by a potential tenant is virtual via the internet or physically at the property, a freshly redecorated property has far higher rental value. However there are a few things to consider first as a property owner.

Doing An End Of Tenancy Refresh In The Right Order

After your tenants have vacated if there are other jobs to do in the property then get organised with a strong to-do list in the right order, ensuring that your decorating is one of the last jobs with the exception of carpet replacement or cleaning.

Keep It Simple And Never Personalise The Décor

We all have our own tastes and preferences and it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time, so strike a neutral balance. Avoid strong colours as this can make spaces seem smaller and dark. Avoid bold statement walls, without furnishings bold feature walls can be daunting at first glance. Finally avoid patterns or colourful wallpapers, this might not suit a tenants furnishings and is often quite off-putting.

Pleasing Neutral Colours For Rental Properties

All Rooms, keep the ceilings white, if the skirtings and door frames are painted then again keep these white too. Keep all of the walls in a room the same colour.

An interior designer from Cornwall showing how to chose warm neutral colours for a rental property

Living spaces and bedrooms, for the walls choose warm neutral colours such as off whites or pale greys. Bathrooms, avoid blue tones, this can make this relaxing space feel cold and unwelcoming, keep it neutral and even a slightly warmer colours or beige can work well.

Interior desinger in Cornwall explains the best colours to use for a rental property

Choosing The Right Paints For A Rental Property

Not all paints are made equal, this doesn't mean spending a fortune, just choose wisely. There is no need to use satin paints on walls these days to get a durable finish, paint technology has evolved so much in recent years that there are some great choices available at reasonable cost. For living spaces and hallways the team here at Chicoco like Tikkurila Vinyl Matt for its durability, even coverage and fast drying times, we also like Johnstones Washable Matt paint, both of these are available in a huge range of colours in store or online. For kitchens and bathrooms avoid making the mistake of using regular paints, its a false economy and brings problems. Both bathrooms and kitchens can be wet humid spaces, we recommend a wipeable and scrubbable paint such as Valspar V700 or Dulux Easycare, both are easy to keep clean, durable and equally important will keep harmful moisture out of your precious plasterwork and walls. Finally, woodwork such as skirting boards, door frames etc. stick to satin finish, its modern, chic and hard wearing especially if you use Johnstones Aquaguard Satin with the aqua undercoat, it works well and lasts.

We hope this simple guide to painting and decorating rental properties give you food for thought, to learn more about our decorating for landlords click here.

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