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How often should I paint the exterior of my home?

There is no one simple answer to this but there are a few reasons which will help you decide when its time to have the exterior of your home painted.

Why has the paint on my house deteriorated?

There are various reasons why exterior paint can age prematurely. We see many homes where the exterior paint has failed showing signs of cracking, flaking and peeling. Often this has been the result of an enthusiastic DIY painter that has not prepared the surfaces properly prior to decorating. Whilst DIY decorating is often cheaper at face value, the works and costs of correcting at a later date can far exceed the costs of having a professional painter and decorator from the outset.

Chalking Exterior Paint - What is Chalking ?

To identify or easily test for chalking simply run your hand or fingers down the surface of your masonry paint, if there is a dusty residue on your hand or fingers then you have chalking. This phenomenon occurs over time and and is usually attributed to UV degradation where the binder or resin within the paint has deteriorated to a degree where it can no longer bind the paint pigment particles to the surface of the walls or masonry areas and leaves a powdery / chalky surface. If you have chalking paintwork then waste no time in getting a professional decorator to quote for your work.

I Have Green Algae On My Exterior Walls - Will Painting Fix This ?

Too many people are given bad advice when it comes to green algae on walls. Algae loves to grow in areas that have sustained moisture through colder seasonal months, especially on walls that get little direct sunlight. We often see good paintwork that has green areas of algae, if the paint is good, solid and crack free we never advise painting for our own financial gain. Algae is a living organism that will thrive in the right conditions, and whilst unsightly can be easily treated. We rarely advise pressure washing as this can damage the seal and integrity of exterior paintwork that is protecting your home from the elements, however we do endorse various fungicidal products.

How To Get Rid Of Algae, Mold & Mildew From Exterior Surfaces
Wet & Forget is one of many products on the market but preferred by us here in Cornwall with our unique climate. The product can be applied by sprayer, roller or brush and dries completely clear. It starts to kill straight away, however we advise our clients to be patient as it will remain on masonry surfaces for up to a year. The magic happens every time it rains, the product reactivates and starts to work again and again leaving the dead green organisms to be simply washed away revealing clean exterior masonry paint again.

To learn more about our exterior painting and decorating services click here or for free advice or a no obligation assessment of your exterior paintwork feel free to make contact with us by clicking here

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