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What Is Airless Paint Spraying?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

A simple explanation to this wonderful technology

Airless Paint Spraying is a technology used by premium painters and decorators that incorporates pressurised paint from and Airless Paint Sprayer (pump), typically at pressures from 1500psi to 3500psi through a hand held gun with a nozzle that atomises the paint into a fine spray to apply evenly to various paint surfaces.

What can an Airless Paint Sprayer be used on?

A painter and decorator would often use an Airless paint Sprayer for larger surfaces where considerable time would be lost using conventional methods such as rolling or brushing, however, very fine finishes can be achieved with Airless paint Spraying such as detailed woodwork, doors and trim can have a factory like paint finish.

Textured and uneven exterior surfaces such as brick and pebbledash walls are also perfect for Airless Paint Spraying

What paints can an Airless paint Sprayer use?

The simple answer is most paints, water based, oil based, matt paint, eggshell paints, satin and gloss paints. To see more applications for airless paint spraying click Here.

Can anyone use an Airless Paint Sprayer?

Airless Paint Spraying is a skilled profession that not all painters and decorators have adopted. Correct training and experience are key in any area of decorating, even more so with Airless Paint Spraying as pressurised paint can also pose a health and safety risk to an untrained operative. Our advice, always call a professional painter and decorator.

Why not see some great examples of Airless Paint Spraying by clicking Here

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