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What is the difference between airless paint spraying & HVLP paint spraying?

Painters and decorators explaining the difference between airless paint spraying and HVLP paint spraying and  providing paint spraying services in Cornwall

Why do some professional decorators use paint sprayers and not paint brushes or rollers?

As with all industries new technologies come along bringing efficiencies and improved results. For example, in the last 100 years our industry has gone from lead based paints, to oil based paints and onwards to high performance water based paints. Along side these developments at the outbreak of World War II there was a dire shortage of paint brushes and this brought about the invention of the first paint roller, can you imagine trying to paint a huge ceiling with a brush?

Airless paint sprayers, a modern day upgrade to paint rollers

The reasons to use an airless paint sprayer instead of a paint roller

This does not mean that paint rollers will go out of fashion, far from it. Airless paint sprayers are a sizable investment and mastering paint pressures, spray tip sizes, appropriate paints and meticulous masking is best left to the professionals. The advantages of Airless Paint Spraying? quite simply the finish and in many cases speed too. Rollers can leave a very slight stipple finish, even the finest paint rollers are subject to this phenomenon, its just the process limitations. Being totally contactless airless paint spraying can leave a flawless even coverage. Other advantages of paint spraying include streak free ceilings and textured surfaces such as pebbledash or rough render on on exteriors. To see more applications and airless paint spraying videos click here.

HVLP paint sprayers, a modern day upgrade to a paint brush

HVLP paint spraying, a pro tips guide to paint spraying

Many advances have been made in paints, synthetic brushes etc. however, look closely and there may often be visible fine brush marks or tiny stipples. HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spraying is the way forward for many applications such as kitchen units, UPVC windows, stair case balustrades, panel doors, detail woodwork. By applying multiple coats of a finely atomised paint the finest finishes can be achieved. HVLP would never be used for walls, ceilings etc, this is a highly focused too which can deliver a factory finish. For the many applications suitable to HVLP spraying, click here.

We hope you have found this article useful, for more painting and decorating pro tips click here. To see some of the works from our wonderful team at Chicoco Decorating, click here.

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