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How To Find A Good Painter & Decorator

Choosing the best painter and decorator near me? follow these helpful tips.

A guide to and tips explaining how to choose a decorator

This simple guide has a few helpful tips to point you in the right direction, whether you are looking for a small project or a complete paint and decorate of a whole house, picking the best local decorator can be made easier.

Searching for local painters and decorators

Most people will turn to Google to start their search, but remember this, the best local painters and decorators will be busy, so, if in the search results you see a local decorator that is in the adverts to the top which are identified with a prefix of Ad then you have to question why they have to pay advertising to find clients, it's an alarm bell not to be ignored!

Checking Painters And Decorators Reviews

Whilst on Google check their customer reviews, if there are just two or three and they are not recent then assume these are family relatives, friends or colleagues when they first established their business. Happy clients will leave happy reviews for good work, check to see when the last positive Google review was placed.

Have A Look At Their Gallery Of Recent Decorating Works

Stock photos are easy to find on the internet and can be identified by perfect professional lighting etc., look for strong before and after photos, also why not check their social media gallery too. The best painters and decorators are proud tradesmen and for the time it takes them to reach for their phone and take a before and after photo to put it on the internet is minimal.

Is Your Painter And Decorator Insured

Accidents can happen and that is why you should always check your painters and decorators have a strong public liability insurance policy behind them, don't be shy to ask for evidence of the certificate with the quotation. A minimum of £2m and upwards should cover most eventualities or if you are in an apartment block seek higher levels of cover.

Ask Practical and Relevant Questions Such As

  1. How much will it cost?, then check the written quote to make sure its a fixed cost. Check what is included in the quote, if it is vague, ask again or listen to the alarm bells.

  2. Does their quotation include all of the preparation works or is anything expected of you?

  3. How long do they expect the work to take, when will the works start and finish?

  4. Will it be them or other people doing the work? Too many tradespeople sub contract out works and you could end up dealing with a completely different firm you have not researched.

  5. What hours do they work?

  6. What is expected of you, will they need some of your space to store materials and tools or will this be taken away each evening?

We hope this guide to picking good painters and decorators nearby helps, above all trust your gut feeling and listen to any alarm bells.

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